Brandenburger Tor Berlin

What we offer

  • extensive portfolio of qualified professionals who have completed courses in preparation for living and working in Germany
  • vetted candidates, pre-selected to match employer's needs
  • professional navigation through the bureaucracy of the immigration process by a specialised immigration law firm

Who we are serving

Employers who are looking for

  • a comprehensive pool of qualified professionals
  • more diversity by adding international staff
  • highly motivated and engaged international candidates with little need for cultural integration
  • delegation of the complex process of acquiring visas, residency permits, and work permits to a trustworthy immigration law firm

What we promise

professional handling of your company's sensitive data in accordance with the law

About us

Dr. Manzel • Geschäftsführer
Dr. Manzel • Geschäftsführer

Under the management of Dr. Manzel, we strive to meet your need for specialists with the best possible selection of suitable and committed personnel.

As a long-standing specialist lawyer for migration law and mediator, Dr. Manzel has the necessary knowledge of human nature to answer the question of integration and migration in your company in addition to the mere question of the qualification of a specialist.

Who we work with

  • Dr. Yerlikaya-Manzel & Dr. Manzel, attorneys-at- law specialised in immigration and family law
  • Istanbul Kultur University, state-recognized private foundation university
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